snorkeling in Mozambique

Mozambique is not Just About Prawns and Beer

Yes, there is rum too!

Jokes and R & R’s (a delicious concoction consisting of rum and raspberries) aside, my trip to Mozambique was surprisingly wonderful. This particular country was at the bottom of my list of African countries to explore because it seemed very touristy. My idea has always been to explore Africa off the beaten track and to immerse myself in local culture. For me it is about experiencing the wonderful wildness of it. I want unpredictable weather, potentially dodgy water sources, weird food and logistical headaches. It is Africa after all and if I wanted to visit luxurious beach resorts I could hop on a quick flight home to Spain or to the Algarve. Why did I go to Mozambique if I wasn’t keen? Love, of course. Anastasia wanted to try snorkeling somewhere in Africa and kept suggesting Mozambique. Womanly wiles and my love for the great food available in all the former Portuguese colonies got me to start planning the trip.

North or South

After doing a bit of research, it turned out that the Southern parts of Mozambique were the areas more popular with the average holiday-maker. I booked our tickets to the North of Mozambique for an island hopping adventure to explore some of the 31 islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago, alongside the province of Cabo Delgado.

Food or Water

For the first time in my life I actually forgot to eat for hours at a time. We spent so much time underwater that food became a secondary priority. While trying to force myself to explore the land, and not just the water, we visited Metundo, Rolas, Quisiva Islands and many more. We discovered that Ibo Island is home to a group of silversmiths. The intrepid artists work from an ancient star-shaped fort and export their beautiful jewelry all over the world.

Medjumbe was a great island for spending yet more time under the water where rugged coral reefs are home to beautiful and colorful sea creatures. What amazed me is how curious and naive the fish in these waters are. It is obvious that they don’t get as many visitors as their family members in the more frequently visited snorkel and dive sites around the world. The Quirimbas Archipelago is an unspoilt treasure and I dread the day when construction on the first big resort starts.

The Highlight of the Trip – Vamizi

visit Vamizi for deeply beautiful silence
visit Vamizi for deeply beautiful silence (source Wikipedia)

My favorite experience was definitely spending a day on Vamizi. Every place in Africa has its own unique impact on me. On this island, it was not only the friendly fish but also the silence on the island that moved me. Imagine the world before it became polluted with the sounds of traffic, planes flying overhead and phones ringing. Can’t? Go and visit Vamizi for deeply beautiful silence. It is guaranteed to tug at your soul.

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