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A Tourist on My Own Turf

I realised one day that I am like a foreigner in my own country. Although I have explored Africa from top to bottom, I hardly knew my Spain. A holiday at home was well overdue and I decided to explore Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona. Located a good seven hour drive away from Salamanca, where I am from, on the other side of Spain, I was sure I would have some fascinating experiences.

Home again

People ask me what I miss most about Spain. There are so many wonderful things about my country of origin that it’s hard to decide on just one. One of the first things that spring to mind though is definitely the coffee. Aaaaah, the coffee. It’s not just the taste of the brands that are available in Spain you won’t find in Starbucks or Costa Coffee. It is the way we drink coffee in Spain. There is at least one café on every block and it’s not uncommon to visit your favourite café several times a day. Coffee is not just a beverage to perk you up in the morning, it’s a social thing, enjoyed by family and friends old and new. Salamanca even has a few famous coffee houses like the Café Novelty. Of course I get to explore Café Novelty and the other coffee houses when I visit family, but while I was visiting Barcelona a world of new and aromatic coffee shops beckoned. Instead of my usual mosquitoes, wild animals and weird foods, this holiday would be about coffee, art, music and fine dining. Continue reading A Tourist on My Own Turf