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Namibia is Perplexing, Captivating and Humbling

After living in Europe for a while, especially in London, you start developing a profound appreciation of open spaces. Despite days and nights spent hankering for the vastness of the African skies, the sheer enormity of Namibia’s open spaces was a shock to my system. The desolation that stretches beyond imagination has a strangely pulsating energy – not unlike a bustling city. Except on most of the roads in Namibia there are no buildings, no cars, no fences and not even pylons or telephone poles as far as what the eye can see in every direction. The immensity left me breathless.

Skeleton Coast   (wikipedia photo)
Skeleton Coast (Wikipedia photo)

Our incredible adventure started when we landed at Windhoek (which means windy corner) airport and picked up our rental car, a 4X4 double cab camping vehicle, complete with our new home on top of its roof – a surprisingly well-equipped tent. Our journey involved traveling more than 1,000 kilometers over a period of two weeks and it was a relief to know that it would be in relative comfort – although our initial idea was to rough it. We stocked up on supplies and set off West towards the Skeleton Coast where we set up camp at Henties Bay, the fishing hub of the Namibian coast. We had delicious super-fresh seafood in a little restaurant called Fishy Corner.  Continue reading Namibia is Perplexing, Captivating and Humbling