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Namibia – Dunes and Delicacies

From Swakopmund to Sossusvlei

As a country with one of the lowest population densities in the world, Namibia is not a typical tourist attraction. With less than three people for every square kilometer, there is a lot of ground to explore and we loved the long drive to Sossusvlei and the fantastic sights along the way. No matter how many foreigners there are traveling around the country at any given moment, the chances of them running into one another are slim. It is nothing like walking down a street in Spain and hearing at least five British and two Dutch conversations.

Spectacular dunes

Fog over Sossusvlei - Wikipedia
Fog over Sossusvlei (Wikipedia)

Like every tourist en route to Egypt plans to see the pyramids, everybody planning a trip to Namibia goes to see the spectacular sand dunes. Sossusvlei is where some of the world’s largest dunes are found – like the famous Dune 45. It is a protected area and no commercial ventures are allowed, so no sandboarding here – although we didn’t miss out because of this. We were thoroughly entertained in the days we spent camping in this area. Salt pans and waterholes draw hordes of flamingos, pelicans, oryx (locally known as gemsbok) and other animals after salt and sustenance. Sossusvlei is an incredibly scenic area that features unparalleled natural beauty and wildlife and as with most African countries, the locals are friendly and food is great. We explored the area and its striped, patterned and incredibly coloured inhabitants while it was light and experienced its unique ambiance after the sun set every day. On a previous trip I discovered the magnitude of an African sunset – this time I was amazed after dark. I discovered that a whole new world is born as soon as the glorious African sun disappears behind the dunes. Continue reading Namibia – Dunes and Delicacies