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Expensive Angola – A Country not Interested in Tourists (but Incredible Anyway)

As a veteran traveller I was astonished at how difficult it was to get a visa for Angola. The last time I had such a hard time was when I visited Russia. It took over a month, a costly letter of invitation, other well-written supporting documentation, a criminal clearance and quite a few pounds to finally secure a visa. Then the advisories about crime, live landmines and unexploded ordnance arrived. Although I was very excited about going to Angola, this was cause for concern. After all, I was about to enter a country that was war-torn for decades. I kept wondering why Angola was not interested in tourists but after arriving, my question was soon answered.

Angola = Oil

Angola is beautiful. The landscape and vegetation are quite similar to Mozambique and other parts of Africa. Only on this incredible continent will you find grasslands, savannahs, jungles, deserts, baobabs and mountain ranges, all in one country. A tourist’s dream destination, except for one little problem: something known as black gold. To say that Angola is a producer of oil is an understatement. Angola and oil may as well be synonymous. Unfortunately the oil business in Angola is pretty much run by foreign oil companies taking advantage of a corrupt government to exploit natural resources and abuse a cheap labour force. Sadly, this is the reality for many contemporary African countries. Continue reading Expensive Angola – A Country not Interested in Tourists (but Incredible Anyway)

Mozambique is not Just About Prawns and Beer

Yes, there is rum too!

Jokes and R & R’s (a delicious concoction consisting of rum and raspberries) aside, my trip to Mozambique was surprisingly wonderful. This particular country was at the bottom of my list of African countries to explore because it seemed very touristy. My idea has always been to explore Africa off the beaten track and to immerse myself in local culture. For me it is about experiencing the wonderful wildness of it. I want unpredictable weather, potentially dodgy water sources, weird food and logistical headaches. It is Africa after all and if I wanted to visit luxurious beach resorts I could hop on a quick flight home to Spain or to the Algarve. Why did I go to Mozambique if I wasn’t keen? Love, of course. Anastasia wanted to try snorkeling somewhere in Africa and kept suggesting Mozambique. Womanly wiles and my love for the great food available in all the former Portuguese colonies got me to start planning the trip. Continue reading Mozambique is not Just About Prawns and Beer