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Try These Tips When You fly Again

How to Make Flying a bit Better

Remember the very first time you traveled in a plane? For some this first step into the world of travel is daunting, and even scary. For others the whole idea is thrilling – the excitement of knowing that you are on your way to explore an unknown place, meet fascinating locals and eat interesting food. For me it has always been a mixture of excitement and annoyance. As a self-proclaimed professional flier, I have learned that there are ways of making things just that bit easier. A reasonably good flight will ensure that your trip starts off on an even better note.

Print out your boarding pass – One of the most frustrating things about flying is queuing. By printing out your boarding pass you are avoiding one queue and this can save a lot of time. 

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The art of carry-on luggage – Checking in luggage comes with a lot of frustration. How much clothing do you really need, anyway? Besides having to stand in line to check it in, and then waiting at the ever revolving carousel, it is also exactly what it is: extra baggage that weighs you down. Unless I go away for longer than 14 days (and even then sometimes) I only take carry-on luggage. I know girls will be rolling their eyes in shock and horror right now, but try it, just once. You may be surprised at how much easier it is to travel light.

Scan the security lines – Pick the easiest line, and go through it calmly and patiently. Avoid going behind families and old people, for obvious reasons. Business people and solo travelers are your best bet because they are generally pro-travelers and won’t delay the process. Also, don’t be the one who delays the process. Take your shoes and belt off, and your laptop out, before you get to the front.

Go to the bathroom before you board – Trying to make your way to and from the bathroom while everybody is settling in is frustrating for you and everybody around you.

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Don’t bring McDonalds on the plane – Like going to the bathroom, do it before you board. If you travel regularly you will soon realize that one Something on a plane makes everything smell like it. Eat some lettuce instead, or easier, enjoy the plane food.
Eat the vegetarian meal – Believe it or not, even the most ardent meat eater will agree that the vegetarian meals on planes are tastier. I was given a vegetarian meal once a few years ago by accident and realized that it is a lot better than the usual bland plane food. Give it a try. 

Bonus tip

Finally – just be nice. It is not the end of the world if the air hostess gets your drinks order wrong. Smile and ask her to correct it. The lady with the baby is probably even more irritated than you right now and the guy snoring two rows down might have had a really hard week and need that deep sleep. The best way to start any journey is with a smile and a good attitude.